The Visa Procedure - Step by Step

The following information helps you to understand the visa application procedure. Please read it carefully:

Step 1: Application documents

The Embassy has prepared information sheets for several travel purposes. These information sheets provide you with all information necessary for your visa application. It is not necessary to use the services of visa agencies.

Step 2: Appointment

Make an appointment for the submission of your visa application on this website at least four weeks prior to traveling. Please follow the link "Visa appointment" on the lefthand side.

Step 3: Fill in the application form

You can either download the application form from this website or submit the application online (only for Schengen visa, see the link on the righthand side).

Step 4: Submission of application

Please come to your appointment on time and with complete documentation (application form, documents, passport etc.). When submitting the application, the visa fee of 60 Euros has to be paid in mongolian Tugrugs. Please note that your application will only be handled when complete.

Step 5: Collection of passport

When applying for a Schengen visa, you will receive a receipt indicating the day and time at which you may collect your passport. When applying for a national visa, the Embassy will inform you when your application has been decided. For the collection of your passport, please bring your receipt and ID.

Step 6: In case of rejection

If your application has been refused, the refusal letter will contain an instruction on the right to appeal.

Representation of other Schengen countries:

The German Embassy is entitled to issue Schengen visas representing other Schengen countries. Should the German Embassy, after checking the application for another Schengen state, contemplate to refuse the application, the application will then be sent to the Embassy of the country represented in Beijing. The applicant will be notified about the forwarding of his application.

Visa Procedure

Application forms

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Booking an appointment to submit your visa application

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